- Annual Inspections

- 25, 50, 100 Hour, and Pre-Purchase Inspections

- Airframe and Engine Repair

- Engine Fuel Injection System Calibration

- Corrosion Control

- ACF-50 Treatments

- Paint Touch-ups
- Composite Repair

- Dynamic Propeller Balancing

- Approved Modifications

- Custom Fabrication

- Aircraft Weighing

- Oxygen System Service

- Altimeter, Pitot-Static System Repair & Inspections

- Transponder, Encoder Inspections & Certifications

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     Aero Resources

Columbia Airport   (O22)

Columbia, California 95310

On January 1st 2020, we unexpectedly lost Mr. Greg Thompson to a heart attack. This did cause alot of concern and heartache for the management and for our customers. Since then Aero Resources Columbia is a new organization and is offering former customers significant discounts and considerations. Our new team is here to make special accomodations for our old, returning and new customers during this time. Please call our director of maintenance with questions, comments or concerns. We love constructive criticism and aim to be the best maintenance facility for miles around. Please call us, come visit and lets discuss your maintenance needs. We want you to feel comfortable and confident in the work that we can provide to you.

 Today, great mechanics are scarce. We often hear some variation of “--- four places have tried to fix the problem and …….”. Truth is the aging general aviation fleet takes equal parts expertise, experience and a dash of artistry to stay in the air safely. Often parts are scarce as hen’s teeth and compete with gold in price per ounce. Cost effective sourcing can be difficult, time consuming and sometimes fruitless.  But the alternative is new planes with prices way to close to a million and if that were the only choice, pilot ranks would be decimated. So most of us fly four or five or more decade old birds that take a host of real technical and mechanical skills to maintain, and you can’t just plug in the electronic analyzer to tell you what’s wrong. So if your old bird needs some expert help from experts, come to Aero Resources where decades of experience and love of aviation most often offers a happy ending. 

Great Location


​"Outstanding Results and Service"

Located within walking distance of the historic gold rush town of Columbia, the airport (O22) has a 4100 ft runway and very competitive fuel prices. Columbia airport uniquely offers an excellent fly-in campground, with plenty of parking and campsites amongst the oaks.

The City Hotel in Historic Columbia State Park offers fine dining and lovely restored accommodations. Many other attractions including Railtown 1897 State Historic Park in nearby Jamestown, features live steam locomotives. The Stanislaus National Forest, including Dodge Ridge for snow fun, offers a vast opportunity for you to explore too. And a number of lakes and rivers for boating and fishing make Columbia Airport and Aero Resources a popular destination as well as great place to have your Aircraft Maintenance or Inspections done as you enjoy the area.

Enterprise rental cars are available at the terminal but to avoid a wait, it is best to call and make reservation so the car is waiting for you.